What to do in Puerto Jeli, El Oro

What to do in Puerto Jeli, El Oro

Puerto Jeli is one particular of the most critical gastronomic locations in the province of El Oro, Ecuador alongside with Puerto Hualtaco (Huaquillas) and Puerto Bolívar (Machala). For seafood lovers, this is a spot that you can’t pass up. Most of its inhabitants are dedicated to fishing and the culinary arts of the normal foodstuff of the place.

Where is Puerto Jeli?

Puerto Jeli is found 35 km south of Machala and 6 km from Santa Rosa.

The leading matters to do in Puerto Jeli

1. Savor its delicious and different delicacies

The locals suggested to try to eat at the Arsenal cafe and the fact is we cherished it. It was a single of the most delectable lunches we have experienced on our highway excursion of Ecuador. The meals in Puerto Jeli is not low-cost in contrast to other compact towns in Ecuador, the dishes are close to $10 to $15 but the portions are significant and the quality of the food is superior. We tried out the fish casserole and the seafood rice we favored it so much that we are arranging a return vacation just for the food items. The usual dishes of the space are: Shrimp ceviche, mixed (conch and shrimp), conch ceviche, breaded sea bass, shrimp, fried fish, roasted conch, sailor sweat, seafood soup, seafood octopus, grilled octopus, and rice with conch.

Advisable dining places: Hola la Ola, El Arenal y La Choza del Lobo.

2. Just take a boat trip alongside the estuary

You can rent a motorboat and choose a journey by means of the estuary and take pleasure in the beautiful mangrove that surrounds this lovely city. It is a good possibility to spot birds, including the pink heron, pelicans, and herons, between other individuals. We even noticed an iguana!

3. Wander together the malecón

Just take gain of the lovely boardwalk along the banks of the Santa Rosa River, which flows into the Gulf of Guayaquil, and consider a tour of the meals, handicraft and seafood kiosks.

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