Vacation Rental Tips: How to Stock Your Airbnb So You Never Have to Leave


Check your Airbnb listing to see what kitchen supplies will be provided. If the basics aren’t there, consider investing in a portable cooking utensils set; this 24-piece set from Haplululy comes in a handy carrying case with a specific slot for every item.

Stasher Starter Plus reusable bags

The living room

Here’s an opportunity to set the tone for how you’ll spend your time throughout the stay. If family fun and entertainment are on the agenda, pick out a game designed for instant bonding time. Thinkfun’s Escape The Room line has challenging puzzles suitable for ages 10 and up, from the mysterious Stargazer’s Manor to the intricate The Cursed Dollhouse, where players actually build a dollhouse. For the more musically-inclined, choose the Magic Sing Karaoke Bluetooth Mic and Speaker and stage a home version of American Idol.

If chilling out is the goal, consider a portable meditation chair, like Pebbl’s The Starter, or a yoga set, like Gaiam’s Yoga for Beginners set, to turn a corner of the room into a Zen zone.

For those working remotely, bring along an uber-thin Espresso portable monitor to instantly create a more user-friendly workspace. A Purple portable cushion can make any chair in the Airbnb more comfortable, too.

Purple Simply seat cushion

Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit

The backyard

Now here’s where you can truly have some fun and personalize the home to your liking. If the Airbnb has a pool, let your imagination go wild with Funboy’s pool floats, which come in everything from a Malibu Barbie Golf Cart to a Disco Dome shape.

If you’re staying somewhere with courts, take a swing at the latest sports craze of pickleball with this set of two paddles and four balls in a convenient carrying case. For more game options that only require a yard, choose Franklin Sports’ Outdoor Game Set, which comes with everything you need to play backyard badminton, volleyball, flying discs, flip toss, and horseshoes.

For a simple way to upgrade the mood and keep the party going after dark, pack these mini white lantern string lights to hang on a patio, gazebo, or even in the trees. A portable speaker can’t hurt, either.

Franklin Sports Outdoor Games Set

Miscellaneous essentials

Sometimes it’s the smallest extras that go the furthest in providing comfort while you’re away from home. In the pandemic age, a tub of Clorox plant-based disinfecting wipes is always good for a once-over wipe down, especially on high-touch and sensitive surfaces like kitchen counters and remote controls.

A first aid kit is always good to have on hand; the Welly Excursion Kit is a savvy set with 200 pieces, including bandages and hydrocortisone packets.

And to make sure you’re truly taken care of, spoil yourself by bringi along a virtual assistant in the form of a smart speaker like the Echo Dot to help answer any questions that may come up, play games, and provide the right background music for all your vacation moods.

Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa


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