TRAVEL COLORADO DIA: Travel hacks to help you get cheap flights out of DIA


DENVER (KDVR) — Coloradans looking to lock in great travel deals are in luck. While other major airports are seeing an uptick in airfare costs, experts say flights out Denver International Airport are still pretty low.

According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, there are plenty of domestic flights out of Denver for about $128 roundtrip, non-stop to cities like Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Nevada, and San Diego.

Fact is, there are brand new travel hacks experts say they’ve never seen before.

The big one is non-stop routes are staying on sale up until the last minute; we’re talking 2 to 3 weeks out.

In the past, if you had waited that long to book your ticket you would end up over-paying since business travelers were typically the only ones booking that late.

But according to travel experts, all the demand is coming from leisure travelers right now and because of that, airlines are slashing their prices aggressively.

“So if you’re looking to book a Spring Break trip for example you actually have a choice,” explained Willis Orlando, a travel expert with Scott’s Cheap Flights.

“All of those domestic fares I told you about — all of them have March availability. That is a super rarity — so folks who are looking to travel, especially to fun leisure destinations, keep an eye on those dates within the next month or so. You may find some prizes.

Orlando says you should also keep an eye on shoulder season dates.

If you and your kids have the summer off and you’re looking at July fares, take a look at flights beginning August 15 or later.

Travel experts say you might have a window of a week or two before the kids go back to school.


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