Top 15 Must Do's in Sydney on a budget

Indeed, it’s little wonder that Sydney is Australia’s beautiful city for both overseas as well as local tourists. Sydney provides an array of fun activities from art and culture and a vibrant tasty foodie and nightlife scene to the sun and surf of its famous golden Sydney beaches. The city allures more than 13 million tourists every year with its bright summer days and mild winters. With such a few list of things to keep you busy, where should you begin to hit the best of the best? Being a Private Sydney Tour agency compiled a local verified list of the few top ten things to do in Sydney to help and guide you:

Views from Sydney Harbour Bridge- Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge sits at the center of life for the best Sydney-siders and is recognizable in Australia. The world’s longest steel-arch bridge also subsumes a scenic pleasing walking path. The easy walk across is just 1.5km (1 mile) from one end to the other end. Along the way, boundless views of Sydney Harbour, as well as the amazing experience of walking a world icon, are your reward from our side.

Dine-in style at Circular Quay- Circular Quay is, indeed, perfectly-known for being the home of the Opera House. But serious foodies will also get several fantastic dining options and choices to suit every type of taste.

Sydney Wildlife Park- The best time to spend a Sydney day than cuddled up with a koala or hand-feeding kangaroos. Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park boasts the most extensive crowd of koalas, as well as just about every type of species of Australian wildlife. Aside from koalas and kangaroos, Feather dale wildlife park is also home to wallabies, wombats, cassowaries, emus, kookaburras, dingoes, echidnas, lyrebirds, and so many species of birdlife. And believe us they are just amazing.

Sea and surf at Bondi Beach- Very true, no Sydney tour is complete without dipping your toes into the water at the famous Bondi Beach. Whether you design the trip to swim or to soak up the rays, the environment is sure to be buzzing, as always. Bondi Beach attracts and allures locals and visitors alike and is generally busy every day. Despite this, Bondi beach has sand and sea to accommodate every tourist! As per the sayings – the more, the merrier.

So, keen to experience Sydney’s highlights for yourself? Why not join a Private Sydney Tour agency or Private Sydney Tours Australia for an amazing and memorable tour. Let us do the planning for you, to make assure you fit the most into your day and explore Sydney in comfort. We hope to see you soon.

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