Traveling area and the climate of turkey

Traveling area and the climate of turkey

Turkey is a very popular country that is spread over the surface of 814578 square km. It is located between Europe and Asia. It’s capital Ankara and the language is Turkish. It is covered with 98% land and 2% water. There are 70 to 80% of the citizens are Turkish and it is the country’s largest city. 

Itis surrounded by three seas, From the North, it is covered by the black sea, from the South, covered by the Aegean, and from the West, covered by the Mediterranean. There is also another sea which is situated between European and Asian landmasses which are called the Marmara Sea.

It covered a special geographic position which half part lies in Europe or half part in Asia. It is the largest country in comparison to the territory, the population as well as its land area is greater than another European state. About ¼th of the surface has a height of 1200m as well as 2/5th lies below the 460m. The highest mountain in turkey is known as Mount Ararat at 16945 feet. Well! Turkey travel guide can help you in exploring history as well as modern places in turkey.

Weather and traveling time in turkey-

Turkey is surrounded by sea from all sides due to these weather changes depending on sea temperature. On the Northside black sea warm in summer and cold in winter. South Side Aegean Sea summer is dry, as well as winters, is rainy but not so cold. Best season for going there in spring season April- Mya or in autumn season September- November. 

People generally go there to visit some popular places like Antalya, Bursa, etc. There are so many historical places. There are four types of the sea, beach, and a destination like Istanbul as well as Cappadocia. It is also famous for its carpets, Hammam or bazaar; sweets are Turkish delight or baklava. People who go there can eat its sweet also

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world as well as it is the safest holiday destination. If you travel here with lots of personal items if it is lost then you will find this with the help of a police officer as well as Turkish people, both are helpful or friendly nature

Experience for traveling in this place

It is the home of infinity locations that are outside the limits of wildest dreams, full of historical sites, different kinds of beauty as well as no equal or match destinations. So, traveling here is a memorable experience.