Places you can visit with your kids when on vacation in Germany

Germany, located in central Europe, whose capital is Berlin, is associated with a rich history and culture that attract tourists from across the world. Spending your next vacation in any city in Germany can prove to be splendid and fascinating. Germany is a very welcoming country as the Germans can even invite a tourist into their home. They are various tourist centres for all ages so whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or aged married couple.

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Zoo Berlin

Taking your kids to the Zoo Berlin on their next vacation can make them happy as they can get to see the different species and diversity of animals. The kids would love to watch the monkeys dance, lions roar and even get to feed them with snacks and cookies while having delicious ice cream in the sun.

Berlin Wall

Giving your kids some lessons on history can prove to be educative as you can take them to see the Berlin Wall which was built by the German Democratic Republic during the Cold War to prevent its population from escaping. They are beautiful street art painted on both sides of the wall which can create colourful memories in the mind of your kids as you take them on a stroll along with the landmark.

Zircus Krone

Taking your kids to Europe biggest circus, Zircus Krone can be enjoyable as they get to see clowns, jokers and acrobats perform funny moves and shows. Your kids can also go to the petting zoo where they can be able to identify different animals.

German Amusement Park

When planning a family vacation with teens in mind, visiting a German Amusement Park can be thrilling and exciting. The Europa Park, Germany’s largest amusement park ate filled with rollercoasters, thrill rides and different shows. Teens can even have fun by walking around, taking pictures and making new friends which can even lead to being long-term relationship partners.

Mercedes Benz Museum

If your teens are automobile lovers, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is a good place to visit and explore. They exhibit hundreds of vehicles that are newly built, auto-racing legends and even prototype future cars. Your teens also get the chance to take rides in smaller cars that looks like training wheels.

Germany is a nation rich in both history and culture, enlightening your teens on historical events and figures can improve them intellectually as they get to see artistic, cultural, historical, traditional and even scientific objects of Interest. It can be a great source of knowledge for your teens to be familiar with the history, civilization, art religion and architecture of Germany.

There are many other places for different categories of people to visit in Germany such as The Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace, The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, The Black Forest, The Rhine Valley, Munich Marienplatz, Cologne Cathedral, The Ultimate Fairytale Castle, Miniatur Winderland and the Historic Port of Hamburg and so on.