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With the advancement in technology in Canada, the invention of TV took place in 1952 in Montreal and Toronto. The content produced in the past in Canada was highly influenced by the English plays and shows and the theatre. The TV industry in Canada aims at facilitating the programs and delivery of different shows on the TV through global air transmission. The Tv industry in Canada received a backslash due to the advent of recent internet shows and web series. Yet a larger proportion of people in the country are sticking to the norm of watching famous shows on the TV. Theater shows are a great attraction for the people residing in Canada. 

Visit the Canadian review website to know more about the best ticketing companies in Canada that offer the best services to their customers for their favorite upcoming series and shows. Watch the ticket liquidator reviews on the official review websites to know about the best ticket booking services. Here is a guide to the upcoming Tv and theatre shows in Canada. 

  • The Porter

It is a Canadian TV series said to release in August 2022. It is a drama series whose broadcasting services will be provided by CBC Television. The series will portray the story of Black Canadian and African-American men who worked as Pullman bellhops in the period of World War I, leading to the 1925 conception of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters as the first Black-led labor workingmen. The starring cast will include Aml Ameen, Ronnie Rowe Jr., Mouna Traoré, Jahron Wilson, Oluniké Adeliyi, and Alfre Woodard in the lead.

  • Race against the Tide

It is a Canadian reality Tv show Hosted by Shaun Majumder. This series will feature ten teams of artists striving to produce sand sculptures in the Bay of Fundy before the current advances to damage their creations. It was directed by Graeme Lynch and will be stared at by CBC Television.

  • Run the Burbs

It is a Canadian Tv sitcom released in 2022 on CBC Television. It will have the leading cast as Andrew Phung. The cast includes Rakhee Morzaria Camille, and Zoriah Wong, Khia and Leo, Julie Nolke, Jonathan Langdon, Simone Miller, Samantha Wan, Candy Palmater, Chris Locke, and Aurora Browne in supporting roles. The story revolves around a dad of two children and an entrepreneur wife.

  • Son of the Critch

It is a Canadian television comedy series intended to release in 2022 on CBC television. It is based on the biography of the comedian Mark Critch, revolving around his childhood days in Labrador. Critch will be playing the role of his father in the series as the main lead. The supporting cast will include Claire Rankin, Sophia Powers, and Malcolm McDowell.


Like each year, hundreds of theater and Tv reality, sitcom, biography, and comedy shows are aired on TV and in cinemas and Canadians are fond of their shows and their plays that attract them to purchase the tickets and watch these shows. The upcoming shows in 2022 are great suspense for the people.