Let Launching Travel source the best deals for your next trip


Back in July 2020, just a few short months after the pandemic was declared, travelbinger.com headed up an article with these words: “Travel As We Know It Is Officially Dead.” And while it certainly may have felt that way with imposed restrictions and tourist attractions around the world shutting down, we have now rounded the bend and are ready to literally take flight. But now we have other concerns: the higher cost of travel due not only to the industry wanting to make up for lost time, but the unfortunate toll inflation has taken on our economy. Should we stay home? Of course not! We just need to travel smarter and Launching Travel can help us do just that.


One positive fallout from the pandemic was that, on the whole, we managed to sock away a lot of money. Makes sense of course, considering we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Now we are itching to spend our windfall. Nearly half of us are eagerly waiting to make our escape this year, with many of us wanting to fulfill an item or two on our bucket list. But with higher costs potentially offsetting our extra cash, it’s still wise to get the biggest bang for our buck.

Launching Travel is an app that offers more than just great deals on hotels and car rentals—although it certainly does that. With an exclusive membership you will also receive discounts at major ticket sites, cash back at hundreds of stores, plus gift cards and cash offers at a variety of merchants.


For only $29.99, a 30% discount of their regularly suggested retail price, you can enjoy a one-year membership that will make your next trip even better. So pick your destination, and let Launching Travel give you access to a world of deals.

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