How eZee is Enhancing the Hotel Guest Journey with AWS


The hospitality industry has seen various transformations over the years. From tracking reservations on excel sheets to adopting property management systems (PMS), the industry has come a long way.

In the midst of this technological evolution, the emergence of the “cloud” has been the most pivotal factor.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the cloud has re-molded the structure of the hospitality industry. The domain which was once completely under the control of large, branded hotel chains has now become a fair play arena for accommodation businesses of all shapes and sizes.

But how did the cloud manage to conquer the hospitality industry worldwide? 

The Effect of  Cloud Computing on the Hospitality Industry

When I think of cloud technology, the first thing that comes to my mind is the ability to work remotely without taking a toll on efficiency.

What do I mean by that?

There is a rising demand for the ability to manage hotel operations from anywhere at any time. And, it has been met by cloud computing since it only requires a stable internet connection to function properly.  

Additionally, cloud-based hospitality management solutions offer more benefits revolving around operational efficiency, cost reduction, and data storage. 

  • Operational Efficiency: Hoteliers can stay up to date on many aspects of operations such as room and booking status, housekeeping and maintenance tasks, and guest arrivals and departures, allowing the hoteliers to make decisions based on the latest intel that’s updated in real-time. 
  • Cost Reduction: Cloud-based SaaS solutions only require an internet connection. Meaning, hotels do not need to purchase separate software licenses or additional hardware to utilize the software on multiple devices. Instead, once they purchase the software, they can access it via URL on any device.
  • Data Storage: Optimized data storage is essential considering the number of guests and personal information that accommodation businesses receive. Cloud technology allows these businesses to store data in secure data centers rather than traditional in-house servers that are less secure and require maintenance regularly.

Now that we have a better understanding of the benefits of cloud technology for accommodation providers, let’s look at how eZee’s cloud-based solutions, powered by AWS, impact guest journey.

How eZee and AWS Together are Making an Impact

eZee Technosys, a hospitality management solutions subsidiary of Yanolja Cloud, utilizes AWS services to offer a full suite of end-to-end cloud-based hospitality management technology. 

With the help of AWS, eZee has been significantly reducing its development cycle and is scaling at a high rate. Furthermore, eZee is helping its customers keep abreast with the changing traveler preferences to provide guests with a great experience.

Enhancing the Guest Journey

Traveler preferences are always changing. What they were seeking last year might not be what they are seeking this year. 

To accommodate these fluid traveler expectations and deliver an exceptional guest experience,  eZee provides an agile and reliable set of solutions ranging from property management systems to contactless mobile applications that can be integrated to facilitate the guest journey from pre-booking to re-booking.

Pre-Booking and Booking

Whether it’s visiting hotel websites to take a virtual tour of the rooms, researching prices on various online distribution channels, or simply going through all the buzz on social media, the guest journey starts even before the guest makes a reservation.

eZee’s channel management system is a great solution to enhance the pre-booking and booking phase of the guest journey.  It feeds available inventory and rates to many online distribution channels for travelers to access when researching and reserving accommodation options. 

Furthermore, eZee’s website builder creates a pleasant user interface for guests visiting the hotel’s website. 

Last but not least, eZee’s booking engine integrates with the PMS to offer hotel guests a superior reservation experience. It allows them to make online payments, access special offers and promo codes, and provides a group booking feature.  

Check-in and Stay

The bulk of the guest experience occurs during the period when guests are physically in the hotel. Therefore, it is essential for hotels to provide fast services to arriving guests and eliminate delays in check-in.

eZee’s PMS allows hoteliers to track and manage room status as well as housekeeping tasks to ensure that the rooms are fully prepared for the guests to use as soon as they arrive. 

Additionally, the intuitive interface of eZee’s PMS, which features a stay-view as well as a room-view, allows the frontdesk staff to check-in guests quickly and easily. Moreover, eZee’s PMS can save guest profile information to service returning guests more efficiently. 

Another feature that speeds up the check-in process is eZee’s guest portal. Through this mobile app, guests can experience a contactless journey, which includes choosing their room and checking in without waiting in line at the front desk.

During the guests’ stay, hotels must not only sustain efficiency in service but also accommodate all the guest’s preferences. 

The guest portal mentioned above fulfills both of these aspects by automating hotel operations and offering an exceptional contactless experience. For instance, guests can reserve a taxi and order room service through the mobile app without having to call or visit reception. 

Check-out and Post-Stay

It is crucial for hotels to nail the check-out phase of the guest journey. After all, this is the last stage and one that will be freshest in the guest’s memory. If a hotel fails to provide a seamless check-out, especially when guests are on a strict timeline, then it is likely to draw a negative review.

Remember how we mentioned the efficiency of eZee’s guest portal for the check-in process? Well, the same applies to the check-out process. 

With this contactless solution, guests can check-out right from their mobile devices, without waiting in line by the front desk. 

Now, what about pending charges?

eZee’s PMS accurately manages guest folios as it is integrated with the guest portal. Guests can download folios in their preferred language and currency and make payments directly in the portal.

The guest journey isn’t quite over yet. 

Once guests check out, eZee’s PMS automatically generates emails expressing gratitude and requesting feedback on their stay. It gives guests the chance to speak their minds on the pros and cons of the hotel experience.  

Made Possible by AWS

Backed by Yanolja Cloud, eZee has been in this industry for more than 16 years now and is an expert in building reliable and affordable hospitality management solutions.  AWS has made it possible for us to provide cloud-based solutions to all our customers and help them enhance the guest experience. With AWS being the architectural backbone of eZee’s solutions, we are able to offer world-class products capable of providing uninterrupted service, storing data efficiently, supporting multiple languages, and much more. 

Enhance the Guest Journey at Your Hotel

For hotels to stay competitive in this dynamic hospitality industry, it is important to offer a superior guest experience. If you want to explore eZee’s solutions to transform the guest journey at your hotel, let us know at and we will assist you right away. Our job is to help you choose the right system to fit your specific needs.

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