Here’s 16 electricity-free things to do during Earth Hour


Our favourite thing to do during Earth Hour is to turn the whole evening into a candlelit party. Now, your party can be 2 people or 20, but the whole point is that you’re all together contributing to one cause and having some fun with it. It’s a great excuse to get together under unconventional circumstances and turn the hour into a whole evening of shenanigans!

Party Ideas by Candlelight:

Indoor camping

Make a giant centerpiece with candles in the middle of the room, throw some pillows on the floor and pretend you’re outdoors. Plaid shirts and fort building are highly recommended. You can even try your hand at candle-marshmallow roasting (disclaimer: it’s a tricky science), and come prepared with the scariest stories you can find from the darkest corners of the internet.


It’s just like karaoke, but your backup track is the people around you. Or, just go acapella if you’re confident enough in your vocals.

Clothing swap

For this to work, everyone brings over clothes and accessories they don’t want anymore, and you set up an at-home store where you shop through each other’s closets. Anything that doesn’t get picked up can then be donated to charity, and you can do another good deed for the day.

Murder Mystery

A good game of ‘whodunnit’ is so much better in the dark.


Have everyone bring their favourite appetizers/ desserts and pretend you’re at a feast in Westeros.

Game night

Because we love any excuse for some friendly competition.

Card games: Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Skip Bo, regular cards, Monopoly Deal, Bang

Board games: Monopoly, Jenga, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Candyland, Cranium, Headbandz

Other games: Never have I ever, Charades, Truth or Dare, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Pie Face


Overpay for an adult colouring book, use a child’s version or just go free-hand.

If all else fails, just talk and drink

Have a wine/ beer/ spirit tasting, or just enjoy a glass or two with company. Trust us, time flies.


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