Help! I canceled my flight to Frankfurt, but now I can’t use my credit


Dear Vacation TROUBLESHOOTER: I booked a few tickets from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Frankfurt on American Airlines from Armed service Fares. I even bought coverage that authorized me to terminate for any cause and obtain a refund.

Christopher Elliott, the Travel Troubleshooter ...
Christopher Elliott, the Journey Troubleshooter 

I acquired a $2,060 ticket credit history that experienced to be employed inside a year. But when I experimented with to use the credit, a Navy Fares agent told me I can only use 25% of the upcoming journey credit at a time. So, in other words, I have to invest $10,000 to use my $2,000 credit.

This is insane. I genuinely want my cash back or to use 100% of my flight credit towards yet another journey via their web page. Can you help or direct me to an individual who may possibly assistance me? I am so annoyed and cannot manage to eliminate $2,060.

— Melissa Crespo, Wendell, North Carolina

Reply: I’ve in no way read of a firm limiting its ticket credit. So I experienced to know if this was some sort of new rule built to extract extra revenue from buyers.

“It looks that there was a confusion in reference to the usage of the voucher,” a Navy Fares spokesman told me. “All our consumers at can use any vouchers for its total benefit amounts and not 25%.”

The refund regulations range. If you terminate your flight, you usually can get a ticket credit rating. But if the airline cancels, you’re entitled to a total refund. You canceled this flight, but you also acquired Army Fares’ “No Thoughts Asked Cancellation Safety.” This alternative makes it possible for you “to cancel all or any portion of your order, for any purpose, up and until 24 hours prior to your initial travel day and get a refund with unquestionably no issues requested.”There’s a capture, however: You have to pay back a $100 deductible.

When I reviewed the paper path between you and Navy Fares, I couldn’t see nearly anything out of the common. You determined to cancel your flight and questioned for a refund, minus the $100. A consultant informed you in composing that the refund process would acquire close to 90 business times “due to the significant volume of refund requests.” You can thank the pandemic for that.

So what went completely wrong? It appears like the 90 times turned into a very little for a longer time because of a backlog of refund requests. That led you to conclude that you may under no circumstances receive your revenue again, which is an completely truthful assumption.


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