Habit SPF Mist Review: This Face Sunscreen Is Great for Reapplying Sunscreen on the Go


There is a saying that floats around the skincare community: the best sunscreen is the one you actually use. As an important preventative measure for healthy skin, consistent sunscreen application is key, especially on long days spent outside, be it on the beach, trail, or traipsing around a new city. Thankfully, with so many face sunscreens offering varying textures, smells, and consistencies to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find something that works for you.

Finding one that works well on the go can take a little more consideration, though: Applying sunscreen in the bathroom with a fresh face and clean hands is not much of a challenge. But reapplication? It’s inconvenient at best and tedious at worst. Whether you’ve got a face full of makeup or hands covered in sand, there are logistics involved that make reapplying every two hours feel next to impossible.

Habit’s N°41 SPF Mister is my newfound solution to that challenge. As the name implies, the broad-spectrum sunscreen offers SPF 41 and is meant to easily be incorporated into your skincare routine as a habit. A sunscreen spray? You’ve probably seen your fair share, but the N°41 mist isn’t one of those giant blue aerosol cans lugged around in your family beach bag.

The ultra-fine mist lays on your face lightly without being sticky or greasy, like a hydrating spray you might spritz on mid-flight. Those who have sensory issues with regular sunscreen may appreciate it, too—there is a slight rose geranium scent, but it dissipates after the mist settles into your skin. N°41 is a chemical sunscreen that leaves no white cast, making it a good option for those with more melanated skin, too.

While I was initially concerned that such a fine mist wouldn’t give me enough coverage, I took it for a test drive while hiking through McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Arizona and sunbathing on Long Island in the Bahamas. Not only did I enjoy it—and avoid any sunburn—but it also made reapplying sunscreen a breeze. Spraying on the refreshing mist helped cool me down as well, which acted as a built-in incentive to reapply.

Since I first started using the Habit SPF mist, it has slowly become a skincare staple. I keep the chic, TSA-friendly 0.9 fluid ounce bottle in my purse at all times, especially now that it’s summertime. The size has been key for me, convenient enough to carry around in case of unexpected or prolonged sun exposure. It has also come in handy on hectic days where I’ve rushed to apply makeup before realizing I skipped sunscreen. Recently, Habit also launched the N°38 SPF Mister, a light cucumber-scented spray that has a slightly lower SPF and and even more lightweight finish. You bet I’ll be keeping a bottle in my beach bag.


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