Gas prices affecting summer travel plans


Many folks in northeastern and central Pennsylvania are looking ahead and booking summer travel while also feeling the pain at the pump.

MOOSIC, Pa. — Gasoline and diesel are at some of the highest levels the nation has ever seen, and here in the commonwealth, it’s even worse, forcing some to cut back on commutes. 

But as drivers tell Newswatch 16, there are some things you just can’t sacrifice.

Eye-popping prices at the pump. AAA reports a new record for the national diesel prices at $5.54 per gallon on average, a gallon of regular gasoline is averaging $4.33, just a fraction of a cent below the all-time high. 

In Pennsylvania, the averages are even higher; $6.22 for diesel and $4.51 for gas. But with warmer weather on the way, a few more dollars at the pump isn’t going to keep Craig Kroznuski and his family off the road this summer.

“No, the gas prices aren’t going to change anything for me. We have two trips planned this summer,” said Craig Kroznuski, Wyoming.

Old Forge resident Nicole Vanluvender feels the same way but decided to stay a little closer to home.

“I think it’s fun to have summer vacation. It’s something the kids look forward to all summer, so we do still plan on going. It might not be as far or as frequent with our trips, but we do have things planned throughout the summer; small, local getaways,” said Nicole Vanluvender, Old Forge.

“This summer is definitely different than the last two summers,” said Janet Selden, Owner of Sunshine Direct.

Janet Selden is the owner of Sunshine Direct, a travel agency in Moosic. She says travel is 20% more expensive than it was last year.

“Yes, the prices have gone up immensely as far as air travel is concerned. However, because we’re coming off a pandemic when a lot of people didn’t get the opportunity to do any travel, I feel like, and what I’m seeing is, people are just anxious to get out,” said Selden.

Selden says her business lost millions over the past two years, but now travelers are booking trips again, even to those distant destinations. 

“People are definitely looking at what’s on their bucket list, what can they do, and how can they make it work. That’s good because the travel business has been dismal for the last couple years,” said Selden.

Even though fuel prices are incredibly high, Selden says your dollar may still go further if you go farther. Places in the Caribbean and Mexico may have lower rates and packages than resorts in the U.S. 

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