EV Hotel the First Human-centric Technology and Crypto Hotel comes with a View into the Metaverse


EV Hotel the first human-centric technology and crypto hotel comes with a view into the metaverse

EV Hotel has created a remarkable first human-centric technology and crypto hotel that ignites a new experience with a view into the metaverse for both employees and guests.

This is a digital experience hotel that rewards employees, guests, and the community.

Excited yet? Let’s dive into EV Hotel.

With a view into the metaverse

Hotel employees and guest now get to start a new unique journey where transformation, imagination, and opportunity meets.

EV Hotel not only is part of the future iteration of digital transformation it also is part of a new cultural hospitality revolution.

The hospitality metaverse is all about differentiation that is designed to educate, inspire, transform, amplify and help everyone execute on their goals.

Through the metaverse, EV Hotel embraces Blue Ocean marketing strategies that allow them to tap into new uncontested markets.

EV Hotel demonstrate what digital transformation can do for employees and guests

The brand focus is culture and automation that drives a less task-driven system for employees while creating guest-centric experiences. EV Hotel does not have a front desk but does have an experienced desk.

Digital transformation is not about replacing human labor

There is a huge misconception that digital transformation will somehow replace the need for human labor.

A report from Harvard Business Review indicated that in 2018 as much as $1.3 Trillion was spent on digital transformation. The same report revealed that as much as $900 Billon of these investments went to waste.

And the reason for this waste pointed primarily towards the lack of the right mindset towards change.

As a result of this, the hotel industry today has to work on digital transformation in a more relevant context.

Digital transformation focuses on value innovation, a growth mindset, and collaboration.

Value innovation emphasizes cost-efficiency and differentiation. With a positive growth mindset, you draw up a map that represents both the employee and customer journey.

Through creative collaboration with employees and customers, you will collect valuable data that will ensure a more effective personalized customer experience.

EV Hotel is set out to be a leading brand for a new unique collaborative experience where humans and technology work in harmony with each other.

Redirecting employee tasks

EV Hotel is turning employees into experience ambassadors that are dedicated to creating more guest-centric experiences. All employees will have a one-unison title – Experience Employee.

They eliminated the front desk and created experience stations. And they empower the employees to cultivate a more effective personalized customer experience.

EV Hotel implements traditional and new intriguing revenue streams

EV Hotel focuses both on traditional and new intriguing revenue streams that will attract both new talent and customers.

  1. Room Revenue
  2. F&B
  3. Crypto
  4. NFT
  5. Membership

Room revenue and F&B are the traditional and familiar revenue management aspects of EV Hotel.

Crypto and NFT represent a new intriguing future for revenue management.

EV Hotel has partnered with CDX (Chicago Digital Exchange). Built by exchange experts, the CDX team believes in the transparency and liquidity benefits of the traditional central order book and believes that the efficiencies and empowering aspects of the latest blockchain technology can supplement and strengthen this traditional model.

The CDX Crypto Trading Floor

This is where things are starting to get exciting.

Those of my readers that followed my blog over the years know that I am a big exponent of creating a community that embraces all the unique aspects a hotel can offer.

EV Hotel is creating a designated CDX Crypto Trading floor where people all around the world can tune in and buy an exclusive membership. This will provide individual traders and companies to buy membership trading rights, discounted exchange and gas fees, and exchange new exclusive NFT amenities.

NFT Reward Program

EV Hotel represents a disruption of the traditional hotel experience in so many ways. The metaverse is set out to be the biggest disruption for traditional booking patterns.

EV Hotel is bringing onboard crypto channels for new unique transactions between the hotel and the consumer.

But in addition, they are implementing a new unique NFT Reward Program. This will empower employees and consumers that collaborate with the hotel hub to take control of their rewards in a way hotels have never seen before.

Tech-driven hotels a new exciting future

Digital nomads are currently attracted by boutique hotels that are more tech-driven.

EV Hotel will also embrace and implement digital tools that take the employee and customer experience to a whole new level.

Technology/automation experience offers;

  • Individual internet connections
  • Social network meeting room
  • CDX Crypto Trading floor
  • VR closed room
  • Apple Business center
  • Secondary Streaming Live TV
  • Bluetooth and bathroom mirror with pull out amenities
  • Interactive fitness center
  • Hangout room with activity tables
  • Vending machines that make hot food
  • No front desk
  • EV Robots
  • Automation in most areas
  • And more…

EV Hotel has over 15 EV smart devices in each guest room.

Looking behind a definition or EV I find terms like Extreme Value and Earned Value. EV Hotel represents provide a unique concept for delivering Extreme Value on all touchpoints, and in the same matter, gaining Earned Value that will drive reputation and revenue.

A future designed to collaborate with employees and customers

EV Hotel is uniquely designed to collaborate with employees and customers.

To attract future business and leisure travelers hotels have to implement elements that make it easy to design the guest experience with them.

We have already seen an OTA like KAYAK offering a new adventure to explore how design, hospitality, and tech can come together to create holistic experiences for travelers.

This just illustrates that now is the time for the hotel industry to start its digital transformation.

Through EV Hotel guests will access an app that has Google Map implemented with a nearby feature, and options that make it easy for the guest to find local attractions, restaurants, retail and more.

Here are some other unique features for the guests;

  • Extend their room
  • Dispute charges
  • Gift shop automation
  • Check-in 24 hours before arrival
  • Check-in with ID verification

AI or machine learning is only as good as the data you collect.

Hotels no longer have to provide a static and outdated experience. Now they can provide a dynamic and flexible legendary experience.

Learn and help to learn

Through the metaverse, EV Hotel is set out to enhance the human experience.

EV Hotel is a new evolution that marks the beginning of a new culture.

Ken Patel, CEO, Founder, and Chairman have together with his team initiated a process that will put hotels back on the map again.

EV Hotel utilizes AI and machine learning to collect relevant data that is in line with regulations locally, domestically, and internationally. But more importantly, this is a concept that builds on learning and helps to learn.

This is a process that is not defined or limited by the hotel’s service offers. Ken Patel and his team open a new aspect of collaboration where employees and guests take new ownership in their experiences.

Taking the booking process to another level

Today experience travelers are digital-savvy. Thea metaverse with help transforms a digital transaction into a unique experience that consumers will share with their community.

EV Hotel has created a process that embraces and rewards all transactions that happen within the hospitality hub.

Since they were taken into consideration that this is not a static process they focus on both learning from the community and educating the community. This is about delivering Extreme Value and then they will become receptive for Earned Value.

Are you ready to book a room with a view of the hospitality metaverse?

Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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