Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight


One of the most important things for an international flight is to dress comfortably. Here are tips for dressing for a long-distance flight.

Over the past two and a half years, many people haven’t had a chance to see the inside of an airport, let alone go on long international flights due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. The result of this is that many of us have managed to forget some essential air travel know-how, especially the basics related to what you should wear to make your journey as enjoyable as possible. Long international flights may completely drain your energy, and being uncomfortable will only make it worse. But what are the best bets for dressing for a long-distance flight? We can help. With this list of long-distance flying dos and don’ts, you will ensure that you stay relaxed and comfortable during your flight.

Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

Ensure you dress comfortably so you arrive refreshed. Photo courtesy Unsplash

Do: Wear Loose Cotton Clothing

Given that you will be sitting for hours in a cramped area, the most obvious thing is to dress comfortably. Indeed, when the plane’s aisle is the only place you have to maneuver around for several hours, does it make sense to further restrict yourself by wearing tight clothing? Soft, loose cotton clothes that allow you to curl up in your seat however you’d like without cutting off your bloodstream are the ideal option for flying.

Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

Choose loose cotton clothing. Photo courtesy Unsplash

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Don’t: Wear Tight-Fitted Polyester Tops

In general, polyester clothing is associated with less airflow between your skin and the outside world, making it the ideal material for sweatshirts and jackets that are designed to lock in heat. However, tight-fitted T-shirts made out of polyester can only make you feel insufferably hot and restrict your movement during your flight.

Note that most leggings and other activewear are also made of polyurethane fabric. Still, these are fine for long-distance flying as their elastic helps you maintain that much-needed flexibility.

Do: Travel in Comfortable Shoes

Although we sometimes feel that airports are the best place to flaunt our cool new footwear, in reality, your feet will thank you if you wear a pair of basic gym shoes or sneakers. True enough, your long-distance flight footwear should feel light and comfortable enough to survive standing for hours in a queue during customs control, but also easy to take off at some point during your flight if you feel like your toes could do with a little more wiggle room.

Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

Wear comfortable sneakers or other easy-on-your-feet shoes. Photo courtesy Unsplash

Don’t: Wear Heels or Elaborate Sandals

Imagine running from one terminal to another and not being able to because you’re wearing high heels. Moreover, security at the airport might make you take your shoes off to check whether you have anything suspicious hidden in them; having to untie dozens of straps in a matter of minutes only to be ushered off ungraciously so that the next person could pass through is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

Avoid wearing heels when you travel. Photo courtesy Unsplash

There is always a chance that you’ll have to brush up on how to handle a flight cancellation if you haven’t traveled in a while, and you don’t want to be stuck at an airport or be transported to an airport hotel while standing or walking in uncomfortable shoes all day long.

Do: Dress According to the Season

While you should bring a jacket with you if you’re traveling to the airport in cold weather, your travel outfits should be made up of several layers that you can easily slip in and out of according to the temperature on the plane, but also the kind of weather you are expecting in your final destination.

Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

Layers are key to traveling comfortably. Photo by mentatdgt via Pexels

Wear a pair of comfy pants and a short-sleeved top coupled with a cardigan or pullover that can also be used as a blanket if the plane AC is working overtime, keeping everyone cool for several hours.

Don’t: Forget to Bring an Extra Layer of Clothing

A huge mistake would be dressing as if you’re going to the beach (e.g., shorts and a crop top paired with some flip-flops) and then feeling like you’re going to freeze to death for the next 12+ hours. It’s fine to dress like that if you’re leaving a hot and humid area, but be sure to pack a light jacket, cardigan, and a pair of socks to keep you warm while you’re flying. Air conditioning on a plane can be quite unforgiving, and you don’t want the first thing you do upon landing to be a trip to the doctor.

Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

Always pack a cardigan even if you’re leaving a hot location. Photo courtesy Unsplash

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Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight

You must dress comfortably before embarking on your next travel adventure. We hope you find these tips for dressing for a long-distance flight useful. When you’re ready to explore somewhere new, we welcome you to check out some of our favorite destinations on Wander.

One of the most important things for an international flight is to dress comfortably. Here are tips for dressing for a long-distance flight.


Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Long-Distance Flight


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