Dan Rice, Special Advisor to CinC Valeriy Zaluzhnyi


Dan Rice, a U.S. overcome veteran and Exclusive Advisor to Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, has just lately returned from a trip to the Donbas warzone where he experienced long gone to observe the recent battlefield and evaluate Ukraine’s requires to acquire the war, unjustifiably unleashed by Russia.

The skilled spoke with Ukrinform, for the second time this yr, to supply his check out of the hottest developments, share his impression on recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, and mirror on what needs to be carried out by allies and companions of Ukraine to set the brutal war to an close, sealing Ukraine’s earn on the battlefield.


What are the important strengths and weaknesses of the Ukrainian and Russian armies in your impression?  

As for Ukraine’s strengths, I have identified the Ukrainian Military to be educated, literate, hugely enthusiastic, with the will-to-fight, and much much better led both equally politically and militarily.  Ukraine is now functioning very well with NATO to deliver and focus on important Russian targets all during the occupied territories. Each and every thirty day period Ukraine will get a great deal much better, with a larger, battle-hardened army that is finding greater and additional gear each day.  Ukraine has pushed down authority and conclusion-building to the lowest concentrations. Ukrainian officers give their “intent” and inform the soldiers “why” they want some thing done. This makes it possible for the troopers to determine out and be creative with “how” to achieve it.   This makes it possible for innovation on the battlefield.  We have seen how that innovation enables Ukraine to combat and conquer a fewer impressive, rigid Russia invader. 

Russian strengths… Russia has generally fought working with “mass”.  Mass artillery, mass armor and a maximum range of troops.  Russia works by using this toughness to its edge utilizing rolling artillery barrages, ignoring the morals of attacking civilian targets, destroying entire cities in its path.  This mass then results in being a weak spot, when the Russian army is significantly from dwelling, on foreign soil, and its command and handle, and offer chain is becoming properly focused applying precision-guided weapons deep driving Russia’s inside lines inside of the occupied territories. It is difficult to provide an military considerably from property when underneath precise fireplace at all concentrated positions.  Russian artillery barrages have considerably weakened, and intelligence confirms it is since Ukrainian attacks on Russian offer depots are wreaking havoc on their source chain.  With extra and extra NATO weapons staying shipped this offer chain concern really should start hurting the full Russian military, with foodstuff, winter season gear, ammo, gasoline, etcetera.  

As for Russian weaknesses, Russian leaders are normally employing the previous Soviet product of best-down “command and control” leadership. Explain to soldiers “what and how” to do something, but not “why”.  Only the leaders can make conclusions, not the troopers or non-commissioned officers. This would make their army incredibly rigid and not capable to make adjustments promptly on the battlefield.  They are not a finding out firm.  They have attacked the very same concentrate on and lost, and attacked once more and again, and missing consistently, applying the very same struggle approach.  So leaders are not averse to getting significant casualties. This can support them achieve their armed forces success but arrives at a horrible cost for the Russian troopers and regional men and women.

Russian troops are normally illiterate and uneducated they are a lot more inclined to Russian propaganda.  The troops are generally undisciplined and immoral, resulting in atrocities to the Ukrainian military and civilian population, looting and all of the other horrible indicators. The leaders are immoral, amoral, and have no regard for harmless Ukrainian civilians. They tolerate and appear to really encourage war crimes from the civilian population to use as a terror weapon. They are inadequately led by rigid leaders that operate major-down companies.  This weak spot is currently being exploited by Ukraine by focusing on and killing Russian leadership. As the Russian army will get bogged down, the Generals and Colonels need to have to go further and further more to the entrance and are successfully targeted by western intelligence functioning with Ukrainian soldiers to get rid of the command and manage of the Russian Army.  The absence of willpower on the battlefield can be exploited by improved disciplined Ukrainian soldiers who have both equally the will to fight, and are combating for Ukrainians, on Ukrainian land. This weak point will also lead to Russian morale to go on to weaken. 

Speaking of Ukraine’s weaknesses, it need to be borne in thoughts that Ukraine begun the war with a far smaller sized military with much fewer troops, significantly less plane, armor, artillery and fewer….every little thing, which was a weak point.  Ukraine has developed up its army given that February 24th with even additional inspired, educated Ukrainian patriots.  Ukraine is nonetheless outgunned in most important weapons platforms- artillery pieces, armor units, and variety of troops. NATO is working tirelessly to address this weak spot by offering a lot more, and greater weapons that the Russians will not likely be in a position to counter.  Every working day the Ukrainian military gets much better and greater. 

UKRAINIAN TROOPS ARE Ready TO Implement Complex, Large_PRECISION WEAPONS Techniques Immediately

Will the West offer Ukraine with all the asked for assist? What tendencies are remaining noticed across the Atlantic? 

When I arrived in early Could 2022, very several western weapons and ammo were being getting approved at the time. That has transformed considerably above the past 3 months.   M777’s were being first authorized and then M142 HIMARS and M270 (several start rocket methods) after that.  Numerous other forms of NATO 155mm howitzers have been sent.  155mm ammo and numerous unique styles of cannons have greater. A number of Launch Rocket Programs were being not only but at least 4 international locations have contributed launchers (M142 HIMARS or M270) each and every of which can hearth the exact same munitions.   Poland has sent T-72s in large quantities. The momentum is encouraging and incredibly constructive.  Not only have the figures elevated, but the Ukrainian troopers have proven very adaptable to utilizing new weapons programs – quickly, and with lethal benefits for the Russian invaders. 

How correctly are the Ukrainian servicemen mastering Western weapons? 

The Ukrainian soldiers are really adaptive at weapons, ammo, units and procedures, and adapt their techniques and methods based mostly on the new weapons units pretty successfully and correctly. Mainly because the Ukrainian inhabitants is so extremely literate (99%), and very well experienced, struggle-hardened and seasoned, it can make feeling that they would be in a position to put into action these complex, superior-precision and lethal weapons programs rapidly.   

Putin’s least objective: what territories of Ukraine does he could possibly program to annex? 

I do not have any a lot more info than any person else in this article.  Whatsoever he attempts to annex will not be identified internationally, so it will be simply Russian propaganda theater.   


How extended is Russia capable of waging a war offered the latest dynamics of hostilities?  

It seems that Russia is acquiring more and much more complications conducting war in Ukraine.  Ukraine has done an excellent career of attacking command and control, offer depots and concentrated troop formations.  The logistics process of the Russian military demands centralized depots, owing to the palletized way of logistics. This helps make far better and better targets for HIMARs or M777 precision guided strikes.  If, and hopefully when, Ukraine will get the ATACMs munitions, there will be nowhere within Ukraine for Russia to hide neither their command-and-handle units nor supply depots. ATACMs are fired from the regular HIMARS M142 system, or the M270 MLRS platform.  ATACM has a vary of 300 km and it would be agreed concerning NATO and Ukraine that no ATACMs could be fired exterior of Ukraine territory.  Protecting an military that does not management the skies, and will be under hearth at any area that they occupy in Ukraine, will possible prove to be an not possible activity for the Russian army. 

Western and Russian armored autos: what are their robust and weak features?  

The battlefield was littered with numerous generations of Russian armored autos from T-62s most important battle tanks by way of T-90 primary fight tanks. They are much better in the defense as a dug-in firing position.  In the offense they are just a much larger concentrate on with additional inevitable casualties for the Ukrainian anti-tank and artillery.  The Russians are notoriously lousy at maintenance and after 6 months of war, the products is breaking down, artillery and tank barrels can not fire in perpetuity without blowing up, and that is what is occurring. 

THE RUSSIAN Military IS NOT A Mastering Military, Whereas THE UKRAINIAN Army IS A Learning Corporation

What is the probability of anti-war sentiments rising in Russia?   

Russia, like lots of authoritarian dictatorships, has robust handle over info. Regrettably, their propaganda is reasonably efficient given that they management most info sources in just Russia.  Community sources do exhibit a significant degree of aid from the populace for the “special armed service operation” as they contact it.   Morale in the Russian military is, and must, keep on to fall considerably.  We are instructed new models coming in to give some relaxation to previous, weary units, are not allowed to have call with the outgoing unit to stay away from demoralizing them. This is a undesirable indication for Russia.  The new troops do not find out from the aged troops, and will make the exact same faults and choose high casualties.   But a different example of why the Russian military is not a mastering army, whereas the Ukrainian Military is a discovering group.   

What do you think is the most important issue that could support Ukraine gain on the battlefield?  

Management and the will to earn. The brave Ukrainian soldiers conquer the Russian again at the Fight of Kyiv by means of improved leadership, superior technique and tactics, and earning use of constrained precision guided weapons, applied incredibly competently even though getting outgunned 10:1.  Now in the south and the east, the normal soldier are unable to get to inside array of the Russians simply because the Russians have extended selection artillery. They have greater leadership, greater soldiers, and the will to get. The weapons are coming, but till all those models get extensive array artillery, they can not go on the offensive. 


What do you think is the authentic influence of war on Russian financial system? 

The Russian GDP has enhanced simply because of the war, owing to the growing fuel costs and the actuality that 35% of Russia’s GDP will come from vitality.  So Putin is in better financial shape, oddly, due to the war.  The individuals, nonetheless, are suffering additional now than ahead of and it will only get even worse. War is kinetic and speedy. The invasion experienced an instant damaging impact on Ukraine’s economic climate and GDP.  Sanctions are a great deal slower but can lead to the Russian federal government, oligarchs and people, to undergo.  But it will take time.  Every single month that goes by it will get even worse and worse.  A person of the by-goods of Ukraine’s efficient communications strategy, is that not only are western governments supporting Ukraine and against Russia, but global firms are almost all from Russia.  VISA, Mastercard, American Categorical all pulled out of Russia.   Starbucks deserted 500 shops and they are fully commited to in no way returning.  When McDonald’s opened in Moscow it was symbolic of the conclude of the Chilly War.   McDonald’s pulling out hundreds of merchants through all of Russia will be remarkably visible to the Russian inhabitants, and no propaganda can hide that actuality. 

Is it possible for Russia to oppose or counter heavy Western weaponry? 

War is a dynamic, fluid and constantly shifting surroundings.  So there are constantly strategies to counter weapons method, provided ample time with the correct total of income, engineering, innovation and motivation.  Most of the western weapons of NLAW, Stinger, Javelin, HIMARS, Switchblade, M777 precision-guided munitions, Gray Eagles, Harpoons have each and every been exceptionally successful versus the recent Russian army. Russia has been knowledgeable of most of these platforms for a very long time and has not been equipped to correctly counter them elsewhere.  It is not likely that Russia could drastically counter these weapons’ platform in the small time period- in the up coming several years.   With ample of these weapons transported into Ukraine, it is only a issue of time right up until Ukraine achieves victory and evicts the Russians in my belief. 

How likely do you assume is that the weapons equipped by the West will be used not as intended and agreed with companions?  

In my practical experience with the Ukrainian Military over the past a few months we have found the Ukrainian military services to be solidly united with the wish to battle and demolish the Russian military.  I believe Ukraine is one particular of the best allies of the United States and have self-assurance that weapons shipped to the Ukrainian soldiers will not be diverted somewhere else and have no fears that Ukrainian management would violate any arrangement. We have have faith in in Ukrainian men and women, political and armed service leadership, and in the brave Ukrainian Soldiers.    And that is why I am continually composing and talking publicly in just the United States, recommending obtaining the correct number of weapons (additional) to Ukraine immediately to generate the Russians out of Ukraine and assistance the “First Military of Peace” win back again its territory, men and women, society and peace.  

THE Deficiency OF International Reaction TO Preceding Functions OF PUTIN’S AGGRESSION WAS Erroneous, AND ONLY EMBOLDENED HIM TO Choose Extra

If Putin had identified that the war would drag on for so prolonged, would he have made a decision to invade Ukraine?

With regards to Putin’s condition of intellect, a person can only guess. Putin in excess of-approximated his own army’s capabilities, under-estimated Ukraine’s capabilities, and beneath-believed the west’s response. The West’s response can be attributed to the management of just one person: President Zelensky.  Putin invaded Chechnya (1999), Ga (2008), Syria (2017), Crimea and Donbas (2014) and the earth did not respond in this way, or even shut. The lack of global response to those acts of Putin’s aggression was erroneous, and only emboldened him to take much more. President Zelensky’s leadership in February and March 2022, simply encouraged the nation and the world and is the cause why NATO and the west are now rallying around Ukraine.

THE Total RUSSIA Military Should BE Selected AS A TERRORIST Organization

The most current Russian atrocity from Ukrainian POWs in a penal colony in Olenivka has triggered important outcry in Ukraine, which after once more is calling on western powers to figure out Russia as a terrorist condition. What do you assume about the initiative?

Concur 100% that Russia as a region should be listed as a point out-sponsor of terrorism, becoming a member of Cuba (2021), North Korea (2017), Iran (1984) and Syria (1979).  At the exact time, the total Russia army ought to be specified as a Overseas Terrorist Business.  No International Terrorist Firm, ISIS, Al Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, FARC, ISIL, Boko Haram, etc) has killed as several innocent civilians by means of terrorist things to do as the Russian Army in excess of the earlier two many years in Chechnya, Syria, Ga, Donbas, Crimea and this 2022 invasion of Ukraine.   The Russia Army has likely killed much more than all people terrorist corporations merged – so of training course it must be labeled with the exact same label.    

Putin’s leadership and the leadership of his generals have been horrible, and the whole globe is disgusted by Putin’s actions, his Generals’ steps and tactics, and the behavior of Russian soldiers across the Army. The extended checklist of condition-sponsored terrorism in opposition to the folks of Ukraine is properly identified and documented for the planet neighborhood. President Zelensky and Typical Zaluzhny’s leadership has been inspirational to Ukraine and to the entire totally free globe.  This war is a “just war”. It is very good vs pure evil. And Ukraine will acquire since of much better leadership, superior folks, and now the world’s help.

THE Apparent Alternative TO End THIS WAR IN UKRAINE’S FAVOR IS THE Require FOR Much Much more Extended-Variety ARTILLERY AND Several Launch ROCKETS

How would you evaluate your newest check out to Ukraine’s frontlines?

Several if any Us residents have been there and none that I know of who have American military services knowledge and have in depth expertise of the ability of the weapons programs that are flowing Into Ukraine largely funded by the US taxpayer by means of Foreign Military Funding (FMF). We were being able to notice the METT-T (Estimate of the Problem) examination and recognize the require and the influence these devices will have. We have been also ready to evaluate the morale of the Ukrainian Military and the leadership of these “citizen-soldiers” a lot of of whom joined the Army immediately after the 24 Feb invasion.

In the close, what do you imagine have to be accomplished now to thrust this Russian evil out of Ukraine as before long as possible?

The clear solution to end this war in Ukraine’s favor is the require for significantly more lengthy-assortment artillery and multiple launch rockets. Ukraine has proven it can properly deploy and damage Russian units utilizing these devices. The beta test is above. Time for NATO to mail in the range of artillery parts and ammo to earn the peace and evict the Russians.

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