Best Places to Eat in Huntsville Al – A Local’s Guide


Best Mexican Restaurant – Huntsville, Al

While Huntsville isn’t known for Mexican food, it’s hard to talk about the food scene without mentioning Rosie’s, perhaps the most prolific local restaurateur and a go-to favorite for the best Mexican restaurant in Huntsville. Technically, Rosie was Rhonda Martin’s grandmother, and the restaurant is owned by Tod Craig, David Martin, and B.J. Fratesi. Also, Walton’s Southern Table is a Rosie’s Concept Restaurant, so technically, we already mentioned them.

There are three Rosie’s Cantina locations in Huntsville and the Little Rosie’s Taqueria. Plus, the original location spun off to their kitchen manager, Phil Sandoval, when they opened their flagship store across University Drive, so that’s another Rosie tie-in. You’ll get Tex-Mex favorites with a cumin-forward spice pallet no matter which establishment you choose.

We’re going with La Esquina Cocina for the up-and-coming best Mexican restaurant. If you like deep, rich flavors and high-quality food, you must try La Esquina Cocina. A meal here is like a gastronomic tour of Mexico. They’re not the cheapest Mexican food in town, but their food quality far exceeded the price point. Also, be sure to get a reservation, because the secret is out about this fantastic restaurant!


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