Another amazing trip ! – Review of Memories Caribe Beach Resort, Cayo Coco


This was our fourth visit to this resort. We’ve come back each time as the beach view is amazing and the staff are wonderful.
Our last visit was last August (2021), there were 7 of us, this time there were 4.
Not sure what has happened since August but the quality and variety of food has diminished. I am more than aware of Cuba’s challenges (11 times to the island), but this time seemed more challenging than before.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the buffet seemed to not be able to provide consistent hot or even warm food, cold mash potatoes aren’t nice. The a la cartes were still better than the buffet, with Mediterranean as the best.
The drinks were incredibly hit or miss, running out of wine 3 nights before 9pm, across the resort. Wine at lunch was watered down quite a lot. Once or twice there was gin, once we saw vodka, and then gone. So if beer and rum and coke are your thing then you should be ok. Did attempt to buy wine in the wine bar, but was told everything was on hold as there was to be a price change and the poor man in there wasn’t able to sell anything, despite the shelves being stocked.
We did visit Lenny’s and it was fabulous as usual, we highly recommend taking the short trip there.
Pilar Beach wasn’t as we remembered. Seaweed not raked off the beach, $5 for a lounger, and $7 for rum and coke. Hop on hop off bus as fun and very windy lol.

Some of the highlights were the great staff, who work incredibly hard, and our room was kept clean by Jakelin (who was also our maid last year). Great towel art. No problem with hot water either.
Beach loungers were easy to get, didn’t have to get up at stupid o’clock to put a towel down lol. Water was a little brisk, but fine once in it.

If looking to book here, definitely look at the consistent reviews of something being a concern, and if it isn’t likely something that would spoil your trip I’d book it, for the right price.

Will we go back…..yes, at some point. The saying of ahh it’s Cuba, when there are shortfalls can only go so far. Keeping food warm/hot should be a given.


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