8 Incredible Hikes in Sedona, Arizona


A outdoor lover’s paradise in Northern Arizona, Sedona is defined by its impressive red rocks—and the fantastic trails that traverse them. 

Sedona hikes offer a variety of challenges, including the option to trot through the scenery with ease. First time hikers will feel comfortable on flat footpaths around famed rocks, while avid adventurists can build their own adventures with steep scrambles and long distance trails. But the allure of Sedona is not limited to its otherworldly terrain—this desert destination also offers great ways to unwind after you unlace your hiking boots, with top notch hotels, restaurants, and wellness spas close at hand.

A few words to the wise: Sedona’s immense popularity in recent years (thanks in large part to the surge in domestic tourism), means trailhead parking lots fill up notoriously early. Consider carpooling, taking a ride share, or walking to your hike to save yourself some time.

Note that the hike lengths listed below can vary based on where you officially pick up a trail; many merge and intersect across Red Rock Country. Wherever you go, pack plenty of water, and as in most rustic areas, don’t expect great cell service once you’re out hiking—always remember to take a picture of the trail map at the start of a hike to help navigate your return. Below are our favorite Sedona hikes.


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