10 Surprising Things to Discover in Los Angeles

When going to the US, tourists often think of paying a visit to Los Angeles because of its film-related and celebrity reputation. Also, everyone would like to witness the famous Hollywood sign or watch the Los Angeles Lakers play live.

There is more to this city that you can imagine. Aside from film and basketball, there are other go-to places you should not dare miss to make your USA Visa approval worth it.

Best Things To Do In Los Angeles

  1. Visit Universal Studios.

There are many Universal Studios around the globe, and the one in Los Angeles is remarkable. It is considered the most famous in the world and attracts millions of visitors – both local and foreign annually. You can enjoy rides derived from actual films and TV shows like Fast and the Furious, Minions, or The Simpsons.

No matter what age you are in, you are sure to enjoy strolling around Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Rides are indeed worthy of that esta visa processing.

  1. Be Surprised by Mickey at Disneyland Resort.

If you are not a fan of Universal Studios production or a Disney kid at heart, Disneyland Resort would love to welcome you.

This one in Los Angeles is one of the biggest Disneyland Resort in the entire world. You might want to plan out your stay for quite long the moment you file for a USA esta. It is to make sure you do not miss anything from the resort.

  1. Stroll Along Griffith Park.

Griffith Park measures more than 4,210 acres of duly landscaped parkland. It is named the biggest municipal park across the United States. You can hike, make trails, and make a trip to the observatory to discover more about the park. You can also camp, swim, play golf, and do other activities in the park.

  1. Feel Like A Superstar Along Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The said Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the best and iconic attractions in Los Angeles. It holds several film-related ceremonies annually and is entirely free to visit. It is sure to make your esta processing worth the shot.

  1. Watch the LA Lakers in Action Live at the Staples Center.

Of course, who would not know about LA Lakers? No trip to Los Angeles is ever complete without seeing the NBA team play live.

LA Lakers have won at least 16 NBA Championships, produced many great players in the history of basketball, and has a franchise worth of at least $2.6 billion.

  1. Visit the Los Angeles Zoo.

If you have children who would want to see animals during your stay in Los Angeles, visit the zoo. It serves as a home to over 1,100 amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals combined.

  1. Explore Arts at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

If you are an artsy person and wants to connect with art during your trip to Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art is perfect for you. It houses almost 6,000 arts all over its three locations.

  1. Relax at the Santa Monica State Beach.

Any vacation will not be complete without visiting the beach and having your tan. The Santa Monica State Beach is picturesque and perfect for some sand exposure.

  1. Listen to Live Music at the Hollywood Bowl.

The biggest outdoor amphitheater in Los Angeles holds different live performances that you can witness. Enrich your visit with some good music that can fuel up your whole Los Angeles stay.

  1. Watch Famous Artists in the Dolby Theater.

If you are a big music buff and want to witness, your favorite artists perform live, check out the schedule at the Dolby Theater. The 640,000 square feet theater also showcases various shops, cinemas, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Weather and People

Both the weather and the people in Los Angeles are warm. You sure can enjoy strolling the streets of LA in style without freezing. Of course, with your nice outfit on.

Things to Always Remember

When strolling around, do not forget your map and your hotel’s contact details. These things are essential especially if it is your first time and do not have any knowledge about the ins and outs of the city. This information will also come in handy during emergencies.


Visiting Los Angeles in your life is one of the best experiences you could ever have. Do not miss the opportunity to witness art, culture, nature, and film when you are in the city. Enjoy all of this one in a lifetime experiences that you can cherish forever.